Baby Shower Favor – Terrific Ideas Begin Here

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Should You Give a Baby Shower Favor?Trying to decide whether to give a baby shower favor to your guest or not? At some showers it’s expected, and at others it’s not. It really depends upon the part of the country that you live in. In the South it is considered rude to not give a favor as your guest leaves to show you appreciate her coming to your shower. In other parts of the country, it’s never done. They believe that they are at the shower to GIVE gifts, not get them. It really is a cultural thing and it’s best to ask around to people who have attended a shower in your area if she received a baby shower favor.The price of the baby shower favor will depend upon how upscale of a shower you are giving. A gift of one to five dollars is perfectly acceptable in all cases. A more upscale shower will lean towards the higher amount. I purchased all my favors for my daughter shower at the Dollar store. There’s a wide variety of things to choose from and no has to know where you bought it. Some ideas for favors are potpourri satchel, scented candles, or candies wrapped in tulle. More ideas can be found at

You can make a cute baby shower favor out of a baby bottle. Fill the bottle with bath salts or candies. Make tags out of heavy card stock that says the mother’s name and date of the shower, and then punch a hole in the tag. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle and attach the tag.Filled Diapers

No, it’s not what you are thinking. A filled diaper is a baby shower favor, and one that you make yourself. Cut some white felt into triangles. Overlap the three corners to make a diaper shape and secure with a diaper pin. Line the diaper with clear Saran Wrap to prevent anything from falling out. Now fill the little diapers with Jordan almonds or chocolate kisses.Favor Boxes or Cellophane Bags

You can purchase online a variety of favor boxes in lots of different shower themes. Fill the boxes with Jordan almonds, chocolates, or cinnamon roasted nuts. If your budget is more limited, use cellophane bags that you can buy at the craft store to package your favorite treats. Tie up with a pretty ribbon or raffia and include a handmade tag with the mommy-to-be’s name and shower date.Homemade Cookies

Use a cute cookie cutter to cut out cookies that match your shower theme. There are lots of shapes including ducky, bunny, or teddy bear. Or use a heart shaped cookie cutter and pipe on the mommy-to-be’s name and shower date. Package one or two cookies in cellophane bags and tie up with ribbon and handmade tag.

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